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The ability to quickly perform the movement - one of the most important qualities of an athlete.

Fast movements of a person is determined testosterone enanthate primarily by the respective neural brain activity, causing contraction, tension and relaxation of muscles, directing and coordinating movement.

Fast movements of an athlete to a greater extent depends on the perfection of its sports equipment, the strength and elasticity of the muscles, the mobility of the joints, and in continuous operation - and on the endurance athlete.

Maximum speed of movement is achieved if there is no resistance. For example, the free hand can be done very fast movement. But if you take in your hand a spear or a disc, then this speed is not reached. Body weight also significantly slows down the speed of the repulsive motion in the run, movements in the gymnastic apparatus. The lower the external resistance movements of the athlete, so they are relatively faster. But to reduce the set of competition rules can not be the weight of the projectile. It is not possible to reduce the weight of the body and a trained athlete without any harm to his health. But you can increase the strength of an athlete, which makes it easier to overcome external resistance, and hence faster to do the movements.

The speed of movement can be enhanced through better use of the elasticity of the muscles, as previously optimally stretched muscle contracts more forcefully and quickly. It draws attention to the improvement of the elasticity of the muscles through specific exercises to stretch.

Fast movements with large amplitude depends on the mobility of the joints, is primarily determined by the ability of the antagonist muscles to stretch. The minimal resistance to the movement of large amplitude having antagonist muscles, the easier and faster the relative movement performed better relaxation.

When movements, especially the cyclical nature, it is very important to be able to relax the antagonist muscles are not involved currently in active work.

In those sports where speed of movement must be maintained at a marginal level for some time, need special endurance.

Develop fast movements (especially with the help of games) should be 10-12 years old. Then in 18-20 years you can achieve a very high level of development of this quality.

During the growth and formation of the young athlete's rapid development of physical qualities and rapid progress in the development of technology does not provide a basis for stabilization of the speed of movement. But in the future the higher the level of development of physical qualities and the more perfect the technique, the more difficult to improve them, the more testosterone enanthate conditions to stabilize the speed to form a stable rhythm. That's why training is necessary to use such methods, which would help to break down the old rhythm and form a new, faster. To do this, the athlete must repeatedly push yourself to perform the movement as quickly as possible, showing considerable willful effort. This can help to create facilitated conditions, which make it possible to carry out the movement or action with the speed exceeding the established. For example, the use of lightweight shells weight allows you to push jerk faster.

Fast develops better if the athlete during exercise is challenging goal: jumping up, reach for any object; make a shot in the fencing faster than before (as indicated by elektrosekundomera); to overcome the specified distance as quickly as possible; send a projectile, and so on. n.

Fast movements always require concentrated significant efforts. It is advisable to conduct a class group method. The joint starts in the sprint competition in training exercises who is faster, who on and so on. D. Create the best conditions for the manifestation of a great effort, the most rapid movements.

To learn how to quickly alternate between tension and relaxation in circular movements, performing them at a higher rate due to the shortening of the amplitudes (eg, shorter step in the race).Typically, these exercises are repeated in a rapid movement on a short distance.

For many athletes will be useful running with accelerations, for example at a distance of 50-80 meters smooth and gradual build-up of speed and bring it to the maximum. Typically, an athlete tries thus to disperse and go to set a limit even for a short distance to reach even greater speeds. New rapidity of motion that he can do, and will cause the corresponding improvement in the body.These accelerations will be effective only if they occur frequently and repeatedly.

Exceed set the maximum speed of movement and speed can be run with the help of the sound accelerated rhythm.

Much attention in training to develop speed should be given to the consolidation of motor skills, including mastering relaxation, the ability to perform movements without undue stress, but for large volitional efforts. This is best achieved by multiple repetition of the holistic exercises at 8 / 10-9 / 10 max effort.

Special exercises are used to improve the speed. They consist of different, possibly fast, movements, including as close as possible to the elements chosen sport.

Athletes can enhance and speed of their reactions in boxing, fencing, sprint and t. D. For this purpose, multiple repetitions of exercises are used, consisting of an instantaneous response to the motion signal. In this case, as in general with the development speed, it is particularly important to report the athlete motor current time reactions running speed, and so on. D.

The most important for the development of the speed of an athlete is training in their sport in an environment where you need to perform quick movement is possible. This is best done in the competition. That's why in sports that require the athlete priority development quality speed, indispensable part of the competition.

The number of repetitions of training work in one lesson should not be very large, as the extremely fast movements are possible only with a significant concentration of willpower, and this places great demands on the central nervous system. Consequently, after several repetitions of a fatigue feeling occurs, leading to a decrease in speed of movement. And if the speed of movement is reduced, thus decreasing the effectiveness of training and aimed at the development of speed.

Dosage training work, developing speed testosterone enanthate is determined by:

In general, training work for the development of speed should end every time, as soon as the subjective feelings of the athlete or the stopwatch will tell about reducing speed. However, this work can continue to develop and strengthen the endurance of muscles.

In sports that require a large extent the speed, it is better to train more frequently. In this case, the load in each class shall be such that after which the athlete will be able to fully relax before the next occupation and again effectively perform training work.

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